Programs for Nonprofits

For a Zoorific Event

Great for schools, camps, hotels, festivals, libraries, scout groups. Noelle Bezio, a USDA licensed animal exhibitor will show 7 animals, for a 45 minute program, teaching the children about the educational program you have chosen. Taking out one animal at a time, giving fun & interesting facts about the animal, many of the animals are brought around for everyone to pet. Volunteers are chosen to help with special activities. Children are having so much fun, they don't even realize they are learning. Prices starting at $400.00. There is a travel fee for programs that are an hour or more. Call or email for price on larger groups & discounts on multiple shows on the same day.

School Programs

Toadally Wild: This program is designed as an introduction to the world of animals. Children get to touch, feed, and just feel comfortable around animals. Children will find out what makes each animal special, where it comes from, what it eats and how it moves.  Great for preschool and kindergarten

Animal Homes : A home must provide 5 things: protection, space, shelter, food and water. Animals live in many different homes and habitats. Explore the needs and adaptations that help animals survive in their environment. The program will emphasize on types of animals and physical characteristics, as well as the differences between them. We'll investigate the basic needs of animals; observe the behavior of animals and how they interact with their surroundings.

Life Cycles : We all know that birds lay eggs and a mammal gives birth to live young, but is that always the case? We will get up close and personal with some animals to compare and contrast their unique life cycles. This program has a great egg-periment too.

Animal Adaptations : Why is a chinchilla's fur so thick? What's a kinkajou and why is its tongue so long? Animals have both physical and behavioral features that help them to survive within their environment. Understanding adaptations opens up a whole new world of appreciation for nature. Zoozort can help your students to make the connection between an animal's environment, its needs, and its special features.

Around the World : We live in an amazing world; this program will take the class around the world. Exploring the rainforest, mountains, grasslands and deserts; and meeting animals from each biome.

Rainforest Theater : This unique program uses props, students and live animals transforming your classroom into a living rainforest; describing each layer in detail and meeting animals from each layer. This program is  outrageous!

Survival of the Fittest : Who's for lunch? This program emphasizes on animals unique survival skills, discussing how they use their wits, adaptations and defense mechanisms to survive. A simple change in environment can affect a species survival; innate, social and learned behaviors are all ways that help animals adapt.

All programs meet the Wisconsin curriculum guidelines; click here for a printable curriculum packet.


Libraries all over have livened up their programs with Zoozort with standing room only!

Scout Programs

Fulfill badge requirements, pack meetings, or awards dinners. Just let us know what your needs are.

Toadally Wild

Great for Pre-K, Kindergarten, camps, and festivals. You choose the animals, learn what makes each animal special, where it comes from, what it eats, and more!

Fun For Adults

Adults like to go "WILD" sometimes too. Why not try a strolling animal exhibitor at your next Cocktail Party or Fund Raiser? A strolling licensed animal exhibitor takes out one animal every 15 minutes, mingling with your guests. Guests can pet and ask questions at their leisure. (Minimum 2 hours) Let Zoozort add some life to your next big bash.

Mini Zoo & Educational Displays

  • 10 or 11 animals
  • 6-7 animals on display at all times
  • 2-3 touch stations with animal handlers and rotating animals
  • Skeletons, animal tracks, bug eyes and interactive displays
  • Up to 4 hours, 1 day
  • About 4 or 5 tables and approximately 20x20 area
  • $800 base price
  • +$100 for one 25 minute animal show
  • +$150 for two 25 minute animal shows

The below images are examples of Mini Zoo Displays and Educational Displays for events by Zoozort.