Business Programs

Company Picnics & Holiday Parties

What a great way for employees to bond with each other, allowing your employees to meet each other's families. Let Zoozort provide a live animal show, or a strolling animal exhibitor, making entertainment a big part of their experience. Kids of all ages get close to their favorite animals creating positive family memories of their time spent together. We can provide animal handlers and snake handlers to walk around and mingle with your guests. Guests may touch and learn about these animals at their leisure; a great addition to any event.



Festivals and Pet Expos

There are always huge crowds surrounding Zoozort at festivals, events, fairs and expos, showing just how wildly popular we are! We pride ourselves on creating positive human-animal interactions that inspire responsible pet ownership and wild animal conservation.



Want to draw attention to your business? Zoozort can attract many children and adults to your grand opening, sale or special event with one of the most popular exotic animal shows. Getting business to come to you is what we do; you haven't seen an animal show until you've seen Zoozort!

Mini Zoo & Educational Displays

  • 10 or 11 animals
  • 6-7 animals on display at all times
  • 2-3 touch stations with animal handlers and rotating animals
  • Skeletons, animal tracks, bug eyes and interactive displays
  • Up to 4 hours, 1 day
  • About 4 or 5 tables and approximately 20x20 area
  • $800 base price
  • +$100 for one 25 minute animal show
  • +$150 for two 25 minute animal shows

The below images are examples of Mini Zoo Displays and Educational Displays for events by Zoozort.