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How to have a 'toadally' awesome Birthday party:
You choose the 7 amazing animals to come to your party, for a 45 minute show. A licensed animal exhibitor will arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. The animals are all in covered carriers, to keep the element of surprise. Children will sit in a semi-circle. The birthday child is always the star of the show, helping the animal exhibitor with special activities like feeding the animals, etc. Interesting & fun information is given in an entertaining way, plus everybody gets a chance to pet! Friends will be talking about the incredible animal encounter they experienced at your party. Price $300.00 - additional animals may be added for $25.00 each animal.

Tips for a 'Zooriffic' party:
1. When arranging the contract, the time stated to start the program is important. Our animal exhibitors perform several parties a day and must stay on time. We recommend that you invite guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to when the animal show is scheduled to begin.
2. Please provide a close parking or unloading space (many of the animals are heavy).
3. If outside, it must be at least 65 degrees and no more than 85 degrees. Please provide shade for the children and the animals. You must also have an alternate space to hold program if it is raining, too cold or too hot outside.
4. Help keep the animals a surprise when we are setting up.
5. Please withhold all snacks and food during the presentation.
6. For the safety of the children and the animals, please help supervise the children, so the animal exhibitor can focus on the animals.
7. For the parents who attend and wish not to participate in the animal show, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize, so the children will not have to strain to hear the animal exhibitor.
8. Please have payment ready when program is over (to help keep our exhibitors on time).