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Invite Some Wild Guests to Your Next Event Zoozort is a unique, hands-on interactive program that features live exotic animals from all around the world. Children are enthralled with animals, information, props and humor; sparking an interest that will last a lifetime. We are USDA and state licensed, and fully insured.

Zoozort is a wildlife company specializing in entertaining and educational wildlife shows for a variety of occasions and events, schools, libraries, festivals, scouts, businesses or anywhere you want to attract and entertain a group of people. Simply choose the animals that you would like to see and we'll customize a program just for you, making it age appropriate so everyone has a great time. We get children and adults involved by letting them see and touch the animals. It is common knowledge that most people remember what they enjoy; our programs use a positive and fun approach so you do not even realize you are learning, you are simply having a good time with family and friends. It's the perfect combination of fact and fun!

We truly believe it is important not only to inform and educate people about animals and the world around us, but it also helps teach empathy and respect. We feel that if one can learn to love, care and respect animals, it is the first step in learning to love, care and respect the people with whom we share our earth.

Follow our YouTube Channel for fun videos, like this one of Wanda the Wallaby!

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